[Twisted-Python] Towards 1.0

M.J. Stahl mjmstahl at one.net
Thu Apr 11 22:53:57 EDT 2002

> We are trying to move forwards towards a 1.0 release, with as many of 
> the APIs as possible in a stable state (obviously some parts are not 
> going to be stable).
> Most of all however, we need test code and documentation. Please 
> everyone - join in and help. It's a great way to learn, and few things 
> beat the fuzzy, warm feeling of having another 10 tests pass.

Excellent... I having been wanting to write documentation on Twisted for 
a while, and my interest has increased due to my large interest in Reality.

The only problem that I have when trying to get involved in this aspect 
is the needed directions from the people running the show. I would like 
to know what you need documented and how you would like the docs to 
look. (info about the system in general, tutorials, as well as a listing 
of API's and the information needed for programmers to use them).

I consider myself a good writer, but this is not my project (I would 
just like to assist with it), therefore, I would like to know how the 
owners of the project (project leads) would like things done (ie, I am 
all for being the peon =).



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