[Twisted-Python] How to setup a ftpserver, ftpclient?

Itamar Shtull-Trauring twisted at itamarst.org
Mon Apr 8 06:16:45 EDT 2002

$ bin/mktap ftp --help
Usage: mktap ftp [options].
     WARNING: This FTP server currently is very simple and will
     not work with a number of clients. We are working on making
     it more interoperable.
   -a, --anonymous       allow anonymous logins
   -3, --thirdparty      allow third-party connections
       --otp             activate One-Time Passwords
   -p, --port=           set the port number [default: 2121]
   -r, --root=           define the root of the ftp-site. [default:
       --useranonymous=  [default: anonymous]

$ bin/mktap ftp -a
Saving ftp application to ftp.tap...

$ bin/twistd -n -f ftp.tap
08/04/2002 13:15 [-] Loading ftp.tap...
08/04/2002 13:15 [-] Loaded.
08/04/2002 13:15 [*ftp*] twisted.protocols.ftp.FTPFactory starting on 2121

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