[Twisted-Python] This is Reality: The Next Generation.

Chris Armstrong carmstro at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Sep 28 12:13:10 EDT 2001

Hello, all. Jason Asbahr and I have been collaborating and discussing
simulation systems, especially (my interest) a spatial/graphical MMPG
system. We've decided the best route to follow right now is to refactor
twisted.reality into a Simulation Base and a Text Simulation. We will
also create a Spatial Simulation down the road.

All of you who are interested in Reality should be perking your ears
up right now =). Reality's been stagnant for a while, not seeing any
real development, until now. Hopefully this will make Reality a better
product in the end.

As some of you may know, Jason's got experience in this field, and I'm
pretty excited that he's helping us with this. My dream for this project is
to be The Open Source Sim Engine, and it just may come about, eventually. =)
Anyway, Jason has an article that he's been working on for a while, that
he'd like to publish to Linux Journal (and maybe other places) in the near
future. It'll be about Simulation environments, and specifically deal with
Twisted. He told me he'll be posting it to the list after he works it over a
little bit more, to get everyone's reactions. It'd be great if everyone
would give a few words about it. Thanks. =)

Discussion/documentation on the new MMPG system is on the pound-python wiki.
Let's try to keep ideas and discussion about the MMPG system in general
there, instead of here on the mailling list. Actual technical things
involving Twisted can stay on the ML. Thanks! Oh yeah, the URL --
http://purl.org/wiki/python/OpenMmpg =)

Thanks all. If you're interested, give a holler. =)
Chris Armstrong

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