[Twisted-Python] System Plugings

Benjamin Bruheim grolgh at online.no
Tue Sep 25 23:11:56 EDT 2001


> different in their management of paths.  Right now, I'm thinking I want to have
> /User/%s/Applications/Twisted.app/Contents/Plugins as my plugin directory...
> ^_^

Yes, this looks nice. However, for windows it should be managed relative to the /<my-documents-folder-internationalized>/. There's some user-specific semantic under windows I have yet to discover though. I wonder, does python have any simple cross-platform ways of filling this gap? Windows 2k and XP does show signs on how this conformity should work (No write access outside shared and private folders).

And now; me playing "luser":
A few silly questions, which may contain sever misunderstandings on pb & identities since I have worked just with single-server principles etc etc. Think 'user': can a identity itself be spread across servers? can a identity be intertwined with an other unknown user because of this?
Maybe I have misunderstood the main point with identities, but I thought they would be a 'by-perspective'-revealed object which could be interchanged between servers upon request (by time). Somebody ought to write a doc on terms used in pb. The extreme potentials for pb (and it siblings) is in my mind 'ungraspable' atm, and they can't be that sick.

// phed (user since 1996)

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