[Twisted-Python] Reality Servers

Chris.Hadgis at mincom.com Chris.Hadgis at mincom.com
Thu Sep 13 18:42:25 EDT 2001

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 09:41:31AM +1000, Chris.Hadgis at mincom.com wrote:

> > ... broadcastToPair() sends the message to all containers 
> > associated with the figure's current location.


> > My proposed solution is to not include the location's containers
> > in the container list.

> I'd say that this is the wrong solution.

Indeed it is. Last night I sorted out the problem. broadcastToPair()
calls pairHears() for each container. Each call to pairHears() calls
hears() for target. This means the target gets the target message once
for each container. This is clearly wrong.

My temporary fix is to call hears() for target once in
broadcastToPair() and remove the call from pairHears().

I say it is a temporary solution because I am still in the middle of
overhauling the broadcast and hears routines.

If the next release goes out before the overhaul is complete, please
let me know and I will make the above fix available.


P.S. My heart-felt condolences go out to the Americans on the list,
and indeed to people wherever they are, for the tragedy which occurred
on Tuesday morning. I have been watching the news on the American news
channels (Fox and CNN) here in Australia and I still can't believe
what I am seeing. Courage and hope to all people affected by these

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