[Twisted-Python] WebDAV in twisted.web.server

Benjamin Bruheim grolgh at online.no
Sun Sep 9 14:09:32 EDT 2001

> I was wondering if it would be possible to implement WebDAV fully in
> Resources, and not touching anything else. Resources can munge whatever
> headers they want, etc, and we could just have a base DAVResource do all
> the XML/Mime encoding.

Yes, my last post pointed out how that could be done. Though, the stuff I pointed out (eg to make process able to forward the request content even if the method isn't POST) is really only what needs to be done.
The only stupid stuff is that the child-list for the Resources will be duplicated since they need to be a member of their parent-collection. 

So, the DAVResource needs to both represent resources ("files") and collectionresources. Hm, will it create a new DAVResource for each step down the tree? And if it hits an exisisting resource, refer to it? I am not trained in twisted.web =)

Oh, how many times resource and (dav)resource will confuse

// phed

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