[Twisted-Python] reality server vs PUB

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Sep 1 22:23:39 EDT 2001

On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 10:07:23AM +1000, Chris.Hadgis at mincom.com wrote:
> Is it my imagination, or is twisted.reality somewhat similar to Python 
> Universe Builder? I have just discovered this after reading through the 
> i-f newsgroups this morning.  I plan on downloading it and taking it home 
> to look at.

Yes, they are similiar -- they both use Python to achieve a great deal of
built-in dynamism.  They both use pickle to save game state.  However, PUB is
more solidly focused on single-player games, with a trivial networking module.
(they appear to use neither select nor threading, but expect full messages to
arrive at once and never have a socket block.  This will really only work for
testing on a single machine.  Twisted Reality is more of a small RPG engine to
demonstrate the capabilities of its robust networking layer.

I think that neither one is sufficiently mature to make full-blown
'Jigsaw'-sized games in without hacking on them a bit.

And to let the mask of objectivity drop for a moment, I think that Twisted has
considerably more momentum at this point, even if most of the effort isn't
going into improving Reality itself :-).

> Does anyone else know anything about this?

I have known about it for quite some time :-)

> Btw, how do I go about getting a TM home-page?

Meet me on IRC (#python on irc.openprojects.net) and ask nicely :-). I need to
speak with you in real-time to set up an account, and we can put you on Twisted
CVS at the same time.

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