[Twisted-Python] Twisted mirror

Gavin Cooper coop at coopweb.org
Wed Oct 17 09:25:24 EDT 2001

I've updated the "Twisted Mirror" with some behind the scenes work to
give it more internet, but more importantly, nightly CVS tarballs are
now automatically generated and available for download from the main
page. Tarballs are generated at 5am every day. Heres a quick list of
Twisted Mirror's features:

* More inte^H^H^H^Hbandwidth than zaibach
* Mirrored official releases
* Nightly CVS Tarballs
* Mirror of www.twistedmatrix.com updated nightly via CVS. Requests to 
  http://twisted.coopweb.org/t.w/ are forwarded to the twisted.web
  server running that mirror.
* Debian apt-get lines for deb packages
* American flag
* Some mirrored documentation. More docs are next on my list.

The mirror is at http://twisted.coopweb.org/


Gavin Cooper

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