[Twisted-Python] Re: [Zope-dev] Re: [medusa] Twisted, medusa, ZServer, and VFS's

Don Hopkins xardox at mindspring.com
Wed Oct 10 16:55:19 EDT 2001

Running Zope on Windows is quite convenient for developing and debugging
portable Python extensions to run on the server.
It's straightforward to run Zope under Visual C++, in order put breakpoints
in Python extensions, single step through the code and catch errors.
Not to start any religious arguments, but for me, the code development tools
on Windows are much faster and easier to use than on Linux: visual symbolic
debugging, precompiled headers, incremental compilation and linking, edit
and continue, etc.
So from that perspective, it's important for Zope and Python extensions to
run identically on Windows and Linux, but not as important for Zope on
Windows be able to stand up under a high load nor run for a long time.

On the other hand, I've had some horrible problems developing Python
extensions that make Windows calls (like showing a window, which triggers
all kinds of windows message callbacks), which regularly crashed Windows so
bad in a way that the debugger couldn't deal with, that I had to cycle the
power each time. But that was caused by not locking and unlocking threads at
the right time, around window related calls.

Skip, I noticed your .sig changed: are you still looking for a flash of
enlightenment after all these years? ;-)
As an old NeWS hacker, Zope looks pretty flashy and enlightening to me!


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>     Donovan> ZServer grew out of Medusa.... I'm not sure how tightly tied
>     Donovan> Zope it is....
> Not tightly at all.  I use it completely independent of Zope.
>     Donovan> My problem with Medusa is its http and ftp servers assume
>     Donovan> the VFS can deliver files wrapped in producers without
>     Donovan> blocking.
> I believe Sam Rushing has said all along that Medusa is intended for
> I/O-bound situations.  If you have producers that are computationally
> or that do I/O outside of the Medusa framework, you'll suffer.
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