[Twisted-Python] Teud

Itamar Shtull-Trauring lists at itamarst.org
Tue Oct 9 06:37:30 EDT 2001

Jürgen Hermann wrote:

> Things that I noticed:
> 	* xmldoc.py should emit a SAX2 stream, not write to a file directly.

Makes sense.

> xmldoc.dtd (which I wrote and committet):
>     * submodule should contain a description, not #PCDATA

the #PCDATA is the description in all elements.

>     * class/@parents should be @bases (cf. __bases__)


>     * <other> should contain <value> (note that variables might get 
>       docstrings in the __future__, just like functions), and value
>       should have a @type attribute

The contents of all elements are their docstring, so it should rather be:
<other value="foo"/>

and if docstrings ever get added (which I doubt) it can be changed to
<other value="foo"></other>

>     * modelling of function attributes?

Mmmm. I wonder if that counts as an external interface.

Once the DTD is settled on, xmldoc.py and the XSL need to be updated...

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