SV: SV: [Twisted-Python] Docs/Examples

Magnus Heino magnus.heino at
Mon Nov 19 08:49:00 EST 2001

> > There are no open source applications using it today that are available?
> Those _are_ Open Source applications that are using it today. :-)
> There also some 3rd parties using Twisted. The one that jumps to mind
> right away is Tommi Vertanen's (I'm guessing at the spelling there)
> "mc-foo", an mp3 organizer/player/something-or-other.

Ok, I'll take a look at it.

> get his CVS version to see it. But anyway, doc/examples/ and friends
> should be great for figuring things out. Also, you might want to drop

Well, I find them a bit too basic. There seems to be a lot of useful things
in twisted.web for example, but no examples of how to use it.

> by on #python at; a lot of the developers/users hang
> out there.

Just found my way there, thanks.


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