[Twisted-Python] non-blocking and non-blocking.

Itamar Shtull-Trauring lists at itamarst.org
Wed Nov 14 04:25:42 EST 2001

Kevin Turner wrote:

> So, if you run something like the following through manhole:
> def spam(n=300):
>     for i in xrange(n):
>         print "iiIiiIiI", i
> spam()
> the whole mess comes back when the command has finished completion, and
> receiving that much data seems to take the protocol-decoder a while to
> decode.  Long enough that it can cause a hiccup, or outright stall, in
> the GUI.  So it might be nice to do that processing in incremental bit
> so it shares time better.  In twisted.python terms, it'd be in a Looping
> construct, or in GTK terms, you'd add it on an idle handler.

Or, you could return a Deferred and dispatch the action to be done by a 

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