[Twisted-Python] configuration usecases

Moshe Zadka moshez at zadka.site.co.il
Mon May 14 00:57:21 EDT 2001

1. Selector
   -- a selector will have exactly one configurable parameter:
      an array of things which conform to the server interface,
      and an array of things which conform to the delayed interface
2. POP3 Server
   -- (optionally) a name, a port and something that conforms to the
   "dictionary" interface (.has_key, [], .get which are consistent)
   where the keys are strings, and the values are things that
   conform to the domain interface, and to the POP3 domain extensions
3. DomainDictionary
   -- contents, a mapping of strings to things conforming to the domain
4. MaildirDbmDomain
   -- add a user/password, remove a user, change a password
5. HTTPServer
   -- something conforming to the resource interface
6. FolderResource
   -- a mapping of strings to resources, and all those of DataResource
7. DataResource
   -- code (an int), headers (a mapping of strings to strings) and
   the data (a long-string)
8. TelnetServer
   -- username, password

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