[Twisted-Python] <homer>Oooh, it's good news</homer>

Moshe Zadka moshez at zadka.site.co.il
Wed May 2 05:23:44 EDT 2001

1. All .protocols that I wrote from scratch have tests in test_twisted.
   .irc and .telnet are waiting for glyph.
2. twisted.pop3 now uses the POP3 protocol.
3. twisted.smtp now has rudimentary unit tests.

I think that finishes the twisted.mail goals for 0.8.5
By 0.9 I hope to have enough to support so you can just issue

bin/mkmailsystem <root>

And know that you have a mail system that does not go outside the root,
and manages the mail. With some luck, maybe I'll even be able to add a
gloop server which integrates with a gloop-to-web gateway to have a web
interface for configuring domains. Anyone who did qmail knows what I'm
talking about -- every postmaster can go in, add users, remove users,
define policies, etc. That's probably post-0.9, though...

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