[Twisted-Python] Inform

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Tue Mar 20 12:58:00 EST 2001

begin  Glyph Lefkowitz quotation:
> Why?  This adds complexity and I don't understand how it creates any
> value.  Many objects do not have a "parent".
> Thing("foo")(location=bar) and Thing("foo",location=bar) seem pretty
> much equivalent, to me.

	very well.

> If you want something similiar you can always use twisted.hook but I
> think that for most cases such an idea is inadvisable.  Is there
> something I'm missing about the pre/post stuff that adds
> functionality which is not available otherwise, or makes something
> common easy?

	Aha, I had not seen the hooks yet.

> I do agree that the current parser is in sorry shape; however,
> making it inform-style might make the interface (to the parser) more
> complicated both for users and developers.  

	Hmmm.  Being able to handle more sentence forms would be nice,

> However, to automatically parse 90% of common verbs into "actions"
> with a higher-level interface makes sense to me; I've already
> started doing something like that in CVS, and there are emerging
> conventions about how to represent that.

	Right.  That's mostly what I was thinking of, and of course
having default functions take place for the "Category 1 and 2" actions
from the inform manual.  If you're on this, then I suppose all is well
and twisted.

	I'm mostly playing with the ruins demo, and trying to figure
out where it fails.  Being able to take scenery, and the mushroom's
picking actions not working seem like big ones at the moment.  I
realize that the ruins demo is probably not a priority, but I'd like
to see all of the sample games (alice, ruins, etc) re-implemented as a
proof of concept.

	If anything needs my volunteering, then I guess it wuold be
polishing up the samples.

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