[Twisted-Python] Inform

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Tue Mar 20 03:47:48 EST 2001

begin  Glyph Lefkowitz quotation:
> Currently there is no such push, because Inform's library is
> conceptually single-player only (this is evidenced by the amount of
> global state that it maintains, how the player is treated as a facet
> of the world rather than just another object, etc).

	Ever played with the Floyd stuff?  Some folks set up a MUD
with inform once, and they just removed one line from parserm.h.  
Have a look for multifloyd.h in the informlib contrib section of

	I don't think the player is as "integrated" as you may think.

> However, if you're interested in seeing inform-like functionality
> implemented, we'd love to integrate such a thing.  Even better if
> you can make it more multi-player aware.

	Well, I was just thinking that it would certainly help
adoption if the system behaved a lot like Inform.  I'm thinking mostly

	The way the objects are created, and the way the code flows (I
think that a constructor for a game object should set the name of the
object as well as the parent (location), just the way that the "Object
-> ..." line does in inform).

	The system should use pre- and post-action rules in a
dictionary inside an object.  Perhaps we'd have before and after
dictionaries, with names of actions as keys, and functions as values.

	The parser should just be ported over, or at least enhanced to
the point where it supports everything that the informlib parser does.
The code uses a lot of gotos and is pretty gory, but I think that
could be easily taken care of.

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