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Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Jun 20 19:23:09 EDT 2001

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Chris Armstrong wrote:

> I've started writing some tutorial-like documentation on developing web apps 
> for twisted.web (snibril inspired me to do this). Should this go into 
> TwistedSite or TwistedPython/doc/? IMO it should be packaged with the rest of 
> TPy so it should go into TwistedPython.

Put it into TwistedPython/doc, and if we decide we want to distribute it
separately later we can worry about it then.

There are 2 comments I'd like to make about tutorial-style documentation.

1: Try to make an example that shows how to do something *useful*.  My
"cat" tutorial is a gentle parody of all those other tutorials that show
you how to abstractly do an object-oriented taxonomy of a cat; I plan
(hopefully) to have lots of interesting "cookbook" style examples which
describe useful things that you'd probably want to do in an actual program
(like connecting your cat to the web, netnews, a twisted reality game and
a custom cat-control protocol).  I suggest that you do the same... or
perhaps even integrate with the "cat" theme :)

2: Take a look at WebWare.  Don't re-build any of that functionality.  I'd
really like to have WebWare be the standard way of doing DB interaction,
etc, from twisted web... I think that a twisted protocols tutorial or
something similiar would be a good idea.  Since this "integration" should
be trivial (I just haven't had enough time for it lately) if you find that
you need to re-build bits of webware for your tutorial try integrating it
first :-)

A TR tutorial would also be really helpful.

> Also, I'm using HTML because that's what all the rest of the docs are in. If
> anyone has a suggestion for another format feel free.


> Also, I just committed my refactorings to reality, so if you're having
> troubles blame (and email) me. :)

At this point, still very few people use reality, and I'm working on other
things, so you probably won't hear much :)

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