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Chris Armstrong carmstro at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Jul 23 21:42:55 EDT 2001

The Twisted Weekly News

4th Issue. Monday, July 23, 2001

  <radix> scripts are just usually short programs that do a very specific thing
  <radix> that's why a lot of us people who use interpreted languages hate it
  when someone calls our language a "Scripting language" ;)
  <radix> (I mean, look at Twisted and call it a "script" with a straight face)

Welcome to the 4th issue of the Twisted Weekly News! This issue sees a new
format similar to Debian weekly news, where the editor just babbles on in
paragraph format.

Progress this week consists mainly of new Twisted releases -- there were three
patch-level releases in a period of 3 days. Other than that, not much has been
going on (which is why this TWN is so short).

* Twisted 0.9.1: This release saw some important bugfixes to the distributed
  web server, and the IRC implementation was introduced. Benjamin Bruheim also
  contributed an 'edna' derivative.
* Twisted 0.9.2: This one had some nifty feature improvements. Glyph completely
  remade gtknet from scratch, with a more robust design. It is now called
  inGTKernet. He also made logging nicer, and reintroduced the gtk faucet and
  updated reality for PB. The most interesting thing for this release, though,
  was probably twisted.python.rebuild, which raises the potential of how
  dynamic Twisted can be. Basically, it's an automatic reload() interface, but
  oh so much more. :-)
* Twisted 0.9.3: This saw a few bug fixes, as well as a parallel of inGTKernet
  for Tk, called tkinternet. The AOL TOC protocol implementation was officially
  brought into Twisted, and the debian package information was brought up-to-

Cool Thing of the Week:

Glyph wrote twisted.python.rebuild this week, and it's a very cool module
indeed. It really opens up some possibilities for making Twisted super-dynamic.
Basically it's a wrapper around reload that you mixin with your classes, and it
allows updating the old code on the fly when you make modifications. I've
always found Twisted incredibly cool *because* of it's dynamic nature, and this
will help make it even more dynamic. Thanks Glyph!

Ok, that's it for this week. Thanks for reading!
Chris Armstrong <carmstro at twistedmatrix.com>

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