[Twisted-Python] twisted.protcols.toc

z3p z3p at MailAndNews.com
Sat Jul 14 18:27:14 EDT 2001

I've been talking about this in #python for a while, and I finally got around 
to doing it.  It works as a TOC server, but only implements IM and the buddy 
list right now.  It doesn't authenticate to the big AIM server, but there is a 
function (TOC.authenticate()) that gets called to check if the user can log in 
with the username and password given.  No client in the file yet, I'm going to 
finish all the server options first, and then do the client.

URL: http://www.z3p.f2s.com/download/code/twisted/toc.py
Drop it in twisted/protocols, and creating mktocserver was easy, just stole it 
from mkircserver.


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