[Twisted-Python] Is everything speeding up, or am I slowing down?

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Jul 10 08:41:56 EDT 2001

Twisted version 0.9.0 is available, and the main TwistedMatrix.com website
is running it!

This release drops "Python" from the project's name; this will hopefully
reduce confusion, and underscore the fact that we hope Twisted to be a
cross-language environment.

This release is bringing some cool functionality to Twisted.  Perspective
Broker is the culmination of my research and experimentation with RPC
protocols.  For those of you who remember it, this includes the original
'faucet' protocol, the obscure "V3" protocol, and both incarnations of
Gloop; my extensive experiences with RMI, a bit of tinkering with XMLRPC,
and my confusion at the sprawling standards base that is CORBA...

I believe that PB will be a foundation for much of what makes Twisted
really interesting in the coming releases.  This evaluation is borne out
by the fact that Allen has found it sufficiently interesting that he's
already (before the release!) ported the encoding layer (banana) to 2
other languages!  This is the first step towards cross-language

In other news, I am now with a company called Ninjaneering, where I may be
leveraging some of the technology that we've built with Twisted.  Have no
fear, though!  The Ninjas are very cool folks; the code will remain under
my copyright control, and therefore released as LGPL.  Some of you may
recognize a fellow Ninjaneer, Sean Riley, the author of PyUI, in the
CREDITS for this release.  I am *very* glad I managed to rope Sean into
helping me out with this code ;)

I would like to put out a call for documentation at this point -- if any
one of you out there knows enough to write a Twisted tutorial, or even a
part of one, please do so :).  The old "Philosophical Tutorial" has fallen
seriously out of date as of this release and so it's been taken off the
web.  Even if you can't write a tutorial, simple patches correcting or
adding docstrings would be greatly appreciated; I'd like the documentation
to be clear, consistent, and concise, and right now it's somewhat of a
mess and I find I don't have enough time to work on it.

That's all for this release.  Thanks for tuning in.

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