[Twisted-Python] vfs-draft

benjamin bruheim grolgh at online.no
Mon Jul 2 03:39:33 EDT 2001

Hepp, ramblings coming up.

while working on twisted.ftp I had to add a system to virtualize the dirs, so 
I began to outline a vfs of some kind. it does not deal with direct 
interaction with files, but rather lists them and so on. There's plenty of 
design issues left, but since I'm not that self-confidient on how to work this 
thing out, I felt like letting you have a peek on the idea as it is now.

Radix suggested it could be used to provide a user-space which is seperated 
from the OS.

It's a short test, and it uses authenticator. To test it, you need to rewrite 
the paths heavily. you guys can handle that ;) The example-code is at the 

There's loads of comments up front, but many of those are not longer valid.
The part which creates most problem is the 'userFileSystem' atm.

See for yourself:

Feedback, and give your opinions! 
And when the filesystem is done, I have some suggested projects of extra 
FileSystems as 'archiveFileSystem' (as in .zip-files), 'configFileSystem' and 
'emailattachmentFileSystem'. ;) (Sure...)


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