[Twisted-Python] spatial, graphical, RPG

Chris Armstrong carmstro at dynup.net
Mon Feb 5 21:36:33 EST 2001

(I CC-d this to reality@ because it's a cross-over subject, but since the
topic encompasses reality as well as twisted python in general, I suppose
it's best to continue it on twisted-python@)

Glyph and I have talked a bit about a project that I'm thinking about doing - 
a spatial, graphical (don't get your shorts all bunched up - I'll talk about 
this in a bit) RPG. I'd like to utilize much of the functionality in Twisted
Python, and I think even some features directly from reality could be 

Glyph and I have differing views on this. He mentioned integrating
the spatial relativity into twisted.reality directly, whereas I think
that this RPG should be in a different module, but maybe utilizing some
of reality. 

Before I give you my perspective, I'll tell you that I haven't worked with
TR a whole lot, but I've done a bit of code-reading.

This RPG is *meant* to be graphical. That is, it doesn't need lots of 
features that are in twisted.reality. It probably is possible to integrate
spatial relativity into TR, and it might even be nice for some situations,
but I don't think it'd be useful for mine. With the goals I have in mind,
stuff like English grammar and gender (for ie) are irrelevant in most cases - 
stuff that is built into the core of TR. 

I realize that there is probably a lot of naivete in this post, so I'm urging
everyone (especially glyph :>) to respond. I'm willing to do the best thing, 
even if it means completely changing my design :) But currently, I don't think
having the "cruft" (in this context) of text-based games in a spatial, 
graphical-based RPG is the best thing.

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