[Twisted-Python] Object prevalence (advogato article)

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Dec 26 09:02:11 EST 2001


	Short summary:

        -keep all state in RAM, no traditional database.
        -write snapshots of state to file every n hours.
        -write a journal of all commands coming in to journal.
        -in case of crash, restore state+rerun journal.

        This is pretty close to what Python and Twisted .taps can do. 
        Let's have a goal of being able to do it all, easily.

	I think I'll add .tap rewriting every n seconds to MC Foo now :)

double a,b=4,c;main(){for(;++a<2e6;c-=(b=-b)/a++);printf("%f\n",c);}

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