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Sean Riley sean at ninjaneering.com
Thu Dec 13 02:30:43 EST 2001

Hi all,

i've been working with glyph on some new stuff lately in the twisted world.
here is a brief description of some of it:


the addition of the "Augmentation" class to the adbapi give a convenient
place to put database interface code.

dbpassport adds database authentication of users. there are a standard set
of tables for identities and perspectives, hooks for dynamic creation of
perspectives from the database, and a web interface to manager it all.
plans exist to add service specific database tables and user data.

this piece feels pretty solid to me and is the infrastructure used for the
two below pieces.


this is a system for monitoring distributed servers running twisted
applications. it has a central database of metrics data and a real-time data
cache in the metrics manager server. there is a web interface to the manager
which allows real-time viewing of the status of the servers in the network.

it is intended for real-time load balancing between servers and storing
metrics history information for data-mining. it accepts both operating
system statistics (through an OsMetrics Collector) and application specific
statistics which are both correlated into the same database schema.

this system is still in development, but is already functional. now that the
db support is solid, it should progress quickly.


a web based message board / posting system with a database backend. this is
currently in an alpha stage. it needs work to hook up the user
authentication piece, but it already has functioning forums, messages and

all of these systems use web widgets extensively. i have to say that web
widgets are easy to use and provide a huge amount of functionality.

"If it's not running programs or fusing atoms, it's just bending space."
Sean Riley
sean at ninjaneering.com

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