[Twisted-Python] FW: [Python-Dev] ExtensionClass plans

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Dec 10 20:07:33 EST 2001

On Mon, 2001-12-10 at 17:25, Jason L. Asbahr wrote:
> This might be of interest...

Indeed it is.  In fact, the whole Zope3X development effort is of
particular interest to me, because Zope is giving up on their previous
architecture entirely and moving to one which is much more like Twisted
-- where the use of more "normal" python code is achieved through using
delegation rather than inheritance, new Python features rather than
extension modules, and explicit mechanisms rather than implicit
acquisition to communicate data between components.  But they're not
using Twisted to do it (yet -_^).

Unfortunately Twisted is still a fairly new player on the Python scene;
I would love to approach the Zope developers with Twisted as the server
framework for the next iteration of Zope, but there is still some
duplication of process between the two efforts and I don't know to
propose reconciling it.  In particular, I have some ideas about
implementing a configuration system using just Python (some of which are
in CVS now), but these are still in their first iteration; the Zope3X
effort has a different approach using XML, also in its first iteration.

Do any fans of Twisted who are current on the Zope3X development branch
have any ideas about potential integration?  Do you think it's worth
pursuing, and at what level of abstraction?

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