[Twisted-Python] FW: [Python-Dev] FYI: MIT's dynamic language design panel now online

Jason L. Asbahr jason at crash.org
Mon Dec 10 18:46:07 EST 2001

Another item of interest to the Twisted community (particularly Glyph
and Dash).


(Yes I'm cleaning out my mailboxes...and sending the BEST TO YOU! ;-)

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in case anyone has two hours to spare, and the right software,
MIT's dynamic languages group has posted a quicktime video of
their recent panel on language design.


(what 1/2 should result in, why it's good to have both CPython
and JPython, why whitespace is significant, why language design
is perhaps more related to architecture than math, and lots of
other goodies from Guy Steele and others)

Cheers /F

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