[Twisted-Python] P2P Thoughts

Jason L. Asbahr jason at crash.org
Wed Dec 5 11:29:51 EST 2001

Some folks on the decentralized list have praised a p2p app called
'Magi', which sounds like it has features similar to those in Twisted,
or to those features which Twisted might soon acquire.

Magi Express and uServ apparently have some overlap.  Check out the
Magi link and read the brochure.  There is a screen shot there that
looks roughly as complex as the Watson interface.  Not so hard to
put together.

"Installing Magi Express turns your PC into a personal web server, providing
the ability to share, store, retrieve and edit-in-place documents and other
files to and from any other Magi-installed device.

Magi Express is perfect for setting up your own personal intranet, shared
workspace, or virtual private network. You will have the ability to e-mail,
fax or print any file within your private network. You even have the ability
to do so using a WAP-enabled phone when away from your Internet-connected


I suggested to Glyph that Twisted could someday replace Jigsaw as W3C's
collaboration server.  Now I'm thinking that Twisted could be the GNU
collaboration server, as Mailman is the GNU mailing list manager.  Or
at least achieve that level of ubiquity in the open source world.  :-)

Jason Asbahr
jason at asbahr.com

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