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> On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 10:45:57AM +1000, Glenn.Rieger at mincom.com wrote:
> > The bad news is the username/password for TRDemo no longer seems to be 

> > guest/guest

> Hmm.  It seems to work here.  What configuration are you running on?

I am running on Win98. The date on the zip file is August 21st. I don't 
have any problems running the Inheritance demo.

> > The good news is this does not kill faucet, but results in a cute 
> > unauthorized" message. Hmm, I may look at getting that to appear as a 
> > pop-up tk message-box.

> Cool :)

I am glad to say it works. You get the printed message as well as a 
tkMessageBox. I will send you (Glyph) a zip file containing the code I 
refer to in this e-mail.

> > Am I using the wrong username and password for TRDemo or is something 
> > missing somewhere else? The Inheritance demo runs okay.

> As I said, it works fine here.  Are you using the latest TRDemo.tar.gz 
from the
> website?  There were a few changes... (I suppose we should be doing 
> releases of both games, too, though so few things are changing it didn't 
> worth it)

Maybe they should be versions of the games. When I get around to writing 
one, after playing with faucet for a while, it will be kept under version 
control. How old are these games? When were they written?

> > Is anyone currently working on the gtkfaucet? If not, then I would 
like to 
> > know if I can make changes to the core reality product. I will try 
> > possible not to break the gtkfaucet functionality, but since I can't 
> > it I won't make promises :) If there is someone using gtkfaucet, I 
> > appreciate hearing from you to work out some arrangement when I feel I 

> > need to change or add to the existing reality scripts.

> Explain "core reality product"?  What functionality, specifically, do 
you want
> to change?

Sorry, that's Mincom-speak coming out :) I meant the scripts in 
twisted\reality. If I change tkfaucet, gtkfaucet will still run quite 
happily. If I happen to change "thing.py", then that will affect gtkfaucet 
too. I am not looking at changing anything specific right now, but as I 
get more comfortable with the code, there may be changes I wish to make. 
For example, I may implement an "examine" command, which is the same as 
"look at", but is only one word and can be short-cut to "x" (see TADS).

> The gtkfaucet is part of our acceptance tests.  If you're going to check
> something in to CVS that breaks those tests, you need to find a way to 
test or
> find someone else who will test for you.  If you're not going to do 
> with CVS, feel free to send a patch!  I'll test it before I integrate it 

I would love to be able to test gtkfaucet myself, but I do not have 
"gtk.py". Is it available for Windows? If so, I would like to get a copy. 
It would make it easier to compare tkfaucet and gtkfaucet and it would 
make sure I didn't break anything.

I don't know if I would be able to access CVS from where I am, at least 
for now. If it is okay, I'd like to send patches to you. What form would 
you like the patch in?

> > I have created DOS bat files as wrappers for building a reality tap 
> > for running the tap with twistd. It contains the required commands 
plus a 
> > few house-keeping details like removing log and pid files before 

> Cool, I'd like to see those.

See zip file I will send you soon after posting this message.

> > Currently, I have (1) modified the tkfaucet to word-wrap the 
> > and item frames, (2) display them at a reasonable width and height, 

> Hmm.  Does 'reasonable width and height' work cross-platform?

Yes, I just meant I changed the number of characters displayed in the 
frames. The description frame is 72w x 12h, the item frame is 36w x 12h, 
and the happenings frame is 6h. This fits okay on a 800x600 screen, and 
even on a 640x480 :)

> > added the shortcut code from gtkfaucet. I'm not entirely happy about 
> > shortcuts, as I believe the "go north" command should have "n" as a 
> > synonym. However, I will leave it as is until I get around to looking 
> > these commands.

> The shortcut code I'm *VERY* happy to hear about, I've been hoping that 
> would fix that for a while!  'n' is a synonym for 'go north' in 
gtkfaucet, so
> I'm not sure what you're talking about...

See zip file I will send you soon after posting this message.

In the system I am familiar with a travel verb is defined - nVerb - whose 
verbs (synonyms) are 'n', 'north', and 'go north'. The travel verb has an 
associated action which moves the player north. This is the distinction I 
make between a synonym and a shortcut. I admit the shortcut code is small, 
neat, and efficient, so I almost certainly won't change it.

If there are other changes you wish to see made in tkfaucet, let me know 
and I will add them to my list.

> > I don't like the idea that when you "look at" something, like the Colt 

> > pistol for example, your location changes to Colt pistol. That is, you 

> > have to perform a "look" command before you can move to another 

> Your location does not change.

> It changes your _focus_, the object you're looking at.  The "obvious 
> thing is sort of broken, and I apologise for that.  However, you do not 
need to
> issue another 'look' command before you can move.

I tried that last night and it works as you said. I think the next thing I 
will look at is the 'Obvious Exits' code. I like this feature. In a TADS 
game, I would implement a verb called "exits" which would display the 
exits the player knows about.

> > This is all I have to report at the moment. I would have had more but 
> > got side-tracked playing the IF game Moist (written in TADS). Now 
> > would have some interesting possibilities in a multi-player 
environment :)

> Wonderful!  It's good to hear a report of any progress at all, so don't 
> bad!  Also, don't consider playing IF a waste of time.  It's "market 
> :-)

See zip file I will send you soon after posting this message.


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