[Twisted-Python] UML Whiteboard Concept

Shae Erisson shae.erisson at widian.fi
Wed Aug 22 09:36:17 EDT 2001

From: "Jason L. Asbahr" <jasbahr at crash.org>
Subject: [Twisted-Python] UML Whiteboard Concept
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 08:19:40 -0500

my random thoughts:

> I'm thinking of designing a new UML diagramming tool because
> I'm really unsatisfied with the existing ones.  This future
> tool would be client-server, a collaborative UML diagramming
> whiteboard, with versioning.  I'm thinking of an "extreme
> programming" version of a UML diagramming tool, if you can
> imagine that, something very lightweight but damn useful
> for design collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

This part makes me think of a collaborative refactoring browser.
<big snip>

> In the foggy, distant future I'd love to have a design tool
> that actually worked seamlessly with my code development.
> New classes and methods typed into an editor would be added
> to the design model as I typed them, and new methods and
> classes created in code as I drew them in the tool.  Source
> files per se would be the exported data of the tool, internally
> code would be represented in a structured format at various
> levels of granularity (package, class, method).  Smalltalky.

Yah, makes me think of Morphic, or whatever you really call the graphical editing bit that started {with,is part of} Self/Smalltalk/Squeak.
Also makes connections with intentional programming and everything else in that area.

> Thoughts?

Twisted.Morphic? Where every object has __repr2d__ and __repr3d__ as well?

This sounds like something in the same direction as the Refactoring Browser and Intentional Programming, because you're trying to organize a program in the next most computer readable format past the actual source. In this case it's UML, whereas RB and IP use an actual AST.

I suspect there's another abstraction above this that will make all of these tools fit into the same category.
or maybe I've just had too much sugar and caffeine :-)
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