[Twisted-Python] Reality Servers

Chris Hadgis chrish at mincom.com
Sun Aug 19 18:39:31 EDT 2001

From: "Glyph Lefkowitz" <glyph at twistedmatrix.com>

> The web browser interface is still proof-of-concept.  There is no way to
> interact with the game using actions; keepalive HTTP connections and
> other such nightmares prevented me from doing so.  It'll probably
> eventually be most useful as an authoring interface.

Okay, I won't worry too much about it then :)

> > Is anyone actively working on them? Are there any long-range plans for
> Not "actively", although I use the Reality service as a testing ground for
> most of my changes, since it is a simple and typical application of the
> Twisted framework.  So, it remains up to date but does not accumulate any
> significant new functionality over time.  Unless, of course, some
> enterprising hacker were to come along and contribute some... :-)

I use the tk interface from faucet. I take it this is the Windows, or
non-Unix version of the interface. I notice the gtk interface is more
advanced than the tk interface. This is something I will be fixing in the
near future. I even made my first TR chage -- the text in the two major
windows (the description and the item list) now wraps. When I make a few
more changes I will try and create a diff file so the changes can be added
to the CVS. Is there an official change log, or revision history, or
something similar?

> > I think I asked before if they were supposed to be like TADS
> > interpreters or Z-machines, or are they to be something different.
> It inherits much from that culture, but it's designed to be an online
> environment as well as single-player, and the single-player component runs
> mostly in realtime (but can optionally be turn-based).  So I'd have to say
> it's something different, and I don't know of any similiar projects.

Okay. I will look at getting it to work the way the other IF systems do for
a single player, then see how multi-player IF might look. I actually did try
to start two faucets to connect to TRdemo. A crash on the second faucet told
me the address was already in use. Is it possible, in theory, for me to be
able to run two faucets for the one demo? If it is, I will add this to my
to-do list for the tk interface.

> > It's going to take some time to go through the various modules and
> > find out how they fit together, and how the reality server interprets
> > and processes sentences. If there are docs on how to create a reality
> > world they would be helpful.
> Most of the documentation for Twisted Reality was written several years
> ago, and referred to the Java version of TR.  It is obviously no longer
> accurate or relevant :).  Documentation is a known sore point and you're
> encouraged to document your experiences; keep in mind that asking
> questions on the mailing list means that at least we'll have somewhere to
> refer other people asking the same questions to, so it does help!

I will try and document the functions as I get around to finding out what
they all do and making changes to them. The next change I want to make is to
get the tk interface to recognise 'n' as a valid command (go north). I know
the gtk interface does this so I will copy what I can.

I will post about my progress with this as I make some :)


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