[Twisted-Python] twisted enterprise

Sean Riley sean at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Aug 11 20:11:25 EDT 2001

Hi all,

As some people may have noticed, something was checked into CVS recently as
twisted.enterprise. This is the beginnings of a relational database backend
interface for twisted. Currently it is comprised of a multithreaded database
request processing service that can handle multiple database connections. It
is not quite all hooked up yet, pending Glyph's work on asynchronous
authentication and callbacks.  The initial plan is to have it be able to do
user authentication into a relational database, and add further
functionality from there.

My first implementation was against Sybase, but the port to Postgres/PoPy
required changing less than 10 lines of code. Building PoPy (the
postgres/python interface module) took way more time than changing the code.
The python DB-API is a good thing. If anyone else has any other database
engines available to them, then adding support for those would be welcome

There is even a unit test suit in twisted.enterprise.testdb.py. Hooray for
unit tests.

So, feedback welcome! Does this seem useful? Useful for what? Any objections
to the multithreaded implementation (i know twisted is not fond of threads)?

I am tempted to implement a shopping cart application ontop of it...

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