[Twisted-Python] runtests on Windows 98

Chris Hadgis chrish at mincom.com
Sun Aug 5 20:51:02 EDT 2001

While doing up some documentation for Twisted on Windows, I found a small
problem with runtests. The test for DirDbm fails when the script tries to
create the file "/tmp/dirdbm". The creation of this file is handled by calls
to the os and os.path modules. Under Windows, an error occurs when trying to
create this directory.

There are a number of solutions to this problem but I don't know how similar
os and os.path conflicts have been resolved. Glyph, is there a standard way
to handle this? I don't know how prevalent the use of these modules is. It
may be that Twisted can not be ported to Windows. I don't think this will be
the case as I did build and run a static server.

A bigger concern as far as runtests goes is it does not shut down cleanly on
Windows. I have not tried to track this problem down yet, but I suspect it
has something to do with the os and os.path modules - such as the use of
fork(), for example. This is also a problem with running twistd to get the
static server going, but I think a wrapper Python script could fix this.

I'll post my Windows documentation when I get it finished.


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