[Twisted-Python] Working with Reality

Chris Hadgis chrish at mincom.com
Sun Aug 5 20:42:35 EDT 2001

From: "M.J. Stahl" <mjmstahl at one.net>

> I would like to work towards developing Reality into a more mature
> environment, but (laughably) I am having trouble even getting the
> environment started (ie, I am recieving a traceback).
> Can someone please give me a general breakdown on getting TRDemo or
> Inheritance started.

I got Inheritance running, eventually, under Windows 98. If you'd like the
details of how, I will post them tomorrow as it is my home machine. I am at
work now, so I will most likely post in another 24 hours. I am in Australia
(GMT +1000). The Inheritance demo lets you go to lots of places which need a
description :) but entry of verbs is not available yet.

I couldn't get TRDemo going at all because it was looking for module
"library.box", which did not come with 0.9.3.

This is the area that got me interested in Twisted in the first place.

Good luck with your efforts.


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