[Twisted-Python] more pb words, and I don't mean "Instance Messenger"

Kevin Turner acapnotic at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Aug 4 03:40:24 EDT 2001

Ok, my mind is shutting down, but I want to throw something at the list
tonight so I don't forget what I was thinking on.

Now, I know you've put a lot of effort into naming things so you can say
"it is what it says it is", but no matter how common you think the words
you use are, there's going to be *someone* who isn't familiar.  That's
why I was trying to give a non-circular definition of "Service" the
other day.

And today, The Word Of The Day is: Serializable!

It might even be kinda a real word, but it's sure not one in my
vocabulary.  So while it appears that the docstring for Perspective goes
to great length to make a very reasoned explanation, I'm having a
difficult time deciphering it.

twisted.spread.pb.Perspective.__doc__ reads:
> A perspective on a service.
> I want to it to be *possible* to be able to call remote methods on
> this.  I also want it to *normally* be serialized as a Proxy, becuase
> if users want references to each other they've got to be able to see
> each others' perspective.  (I can *see* your perspective, but I can't
> see *from* your perspective.)
> So why does it have to be referenced?  It just has to implement
> remoteMessageReceived.  In fact, it should not implement remote_; it
> should implement perspective_ or somesuch.  Normally, they're not
> serializable anwyay!

See, I *think* that answers the question I was going to ask, "How is a
Perspective different than a Referenced object," but I don't know how to
read it.  In addition to uncomprehension through non-deep-grokking of
the lingo, the phrase "I can *see* your perspective, but I can't see
*from* your perspective," is a riddle I can't say I have, uh, untwisted.

Ok, hopefully that's enough to get you talking a bit.  I'm going to go
have myself a sleep.

...the thing about writing code is, some of us have to understand what
tools and components are available to us *before* we can do so.  ;)

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