[Twisted-Python] I am Jack's complete lack of software release discipline.

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Aug 3 15:06:13 EDT 2001

So, after a flurry of 3 releases, one after the other, and then a week of
silence, I'm putting together another release (0.9.4), this one with a big
pile of new functionality.

A sampler:

 * C implementation of banana's decoding method

 * some small enhancements to PB

 * new twisted.words chat service and Instance Messenger client.

 * more robust IRC service integrated with twisted.words

 * twisted.mail re-integrated

On the documentation front, I've written a few more examples, a few more
docstrings, and a several people (namely Kevin Turner, David Creswick, and
David Sturgis) seem to be focusing on documenting PB and Twisted.Web;
again I'd like to emphasize that anyone else wanting to write
documentation should do so! :)

I've also put a TODO into CVS, so if you think of something you'd like to
see done, even if it's pie in the sky, I'll put it in so that incoming
developers have something to look at.

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