[Twisted-Python] twisted.web split

Moshe Zadka moshez at zadka.site.co.il
Mon Apr 30 13:14:46 EDT 2001

Hello, all.
I talked a bit with glyph and radix about splitting twisted.web.
It's over 1500 lines now, and I think it's becoming unmanageable.
Here is how I propose it will be split:

- twisted/web/html.py -- HTML generation helpers
- twisted/web/protocol.py -- Web protocols (HTTP and Gloop, currently)
- twisted/web/resource.py -- Resources.


- twisted/web/resource.py

	class Data(Resource):
	class Interface(Resource):
	class FileTransfer:
	class DirectoryListing(Interface):
	class File(Resource):
	class CGIDirectory(Resource):
	class ErrorPage(Interface):
	class NoResource(ErrorPage):
        class ResourceIssue:
	class ResourceSubscription(Resource):
	class PythonScript(Resource):
	class CGIScript(Resource):
	class FilteredScript(CGIScript):
	class PHPScript(FilteredScript):
	class MethodDirectory(Interface):
	class UserDirectory(Interface):

- twisted/web/html.py

	def escape(text):
	def PRE(text):
	def output(func, *args, **kw):
	def date_time_string(msSinceEpoch=None):
	def d(**z):

- twisted/web/protocol.py

	class HTTP: (might move completely outside)
	class Request(http.HTTPRequestHandler):
	class CGIProcess(net.Process):
	class ResourcePublish(gloop.Handler):
	class ResourcePublisher(gloop.Server, authenticator.SessionManager):
	class HTTPHandler(net.GenericHandler):
	class Server(net.GenericServer, authenticator.SessionManager, config.Configurable):
	class HTTPClient(net.GenericClient, log.Logger):
	class HTTPCallback(HTTPClient):
	class ResourcePublisherClient(gloop.Client, log.Logger):

>From a simple grep I think I've covered everything.
Anything else that might have slipped should be easy to put somewhere.

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