[Twisted-Python] The King of Spain never rushes

Allen Short washort at iceman
Sat Apr 7 06:39:06 EDT 2001

AUSTIN (AP) -- Work proceeds apace on the Twisted Reality Demo Center,
the long-awaited spectacular showcase from Twisted Matrix Labs. "Eat
your heart out Verant, Bioware, and Blizzard", chairman and Evil
Overlord Glyph Lefkowitz was overheard saying, "we have more internet
than you can possibly imagine. Heck, we've even gotten an endorsement
from John Romero."  When asked to comment, Mr Romero squeakily
responded "That tickles!".  Chief Reality Engineer Allen Short refused
to discuss specific technical advances over previous releases, saying
only "You know it's gonna rock. Where or when are minor details."

All seriousness aside, I've begun to port the Java code for the TR
demo to the current system. Right now, we have Mr Romero and the water
fountain; their code is in trdemo/trdemo.py, along with
trdemo/build_map, the mapfile.  I've added a Box class to
twisted.library; problem is, it doesn't work quite right. (Try putting
something in a box to see what i mean =) 

PS: glyph, have you added the verb-chaining stuff yet? i've a case or
two that wants it. 

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