[Reality] GutenBook

Christopher Armstrong reality@twistedmatrix.com
17 Jun 2002 12:16:57 -0400

>>>>> "Jp" == Jp Calderone <exarkun@meson.dyndns.org> writes:

    Jp>   Yay, but when you say "for Reality" you really mean you're going to
    Jp> put in a generalized "external information retrieval system" and then
    Jp> give it a GutenBook implementation, right? :)

Perhaps. After looking over some books for a while, it seems the standard is
not as clearly-defined as I hoped. :( So the "information retrieval system"
may just be comprised of a regexp shwacking the (super-long) header of the
text and returning the body. I'll show you once I have the implementation :)

    Jp> On 17 Jun 2002, Christopher Armstrong wrote:

    >> Just thought people would think this is cool; I'm going to be
    >> implementing a GutenBook class for Reality that will be able to process
    >> any text in Gutenberg e-book (plaintext) format. This came about from my
    >> desire to put Sun Tsu's _Art Of War_ in Reality, but I figured I might
    >> as well make a general enough to read any Gutenberg e-text (which have
    >> fairly standardized formats).

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