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Mon, 06 Jan 2003 19:57:58 -0600 (CST)

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Man, this cold has been kicking my *ass*.

I've been nearly incapacitated for the last week.  I finally managed to get
some actual working code written yesterday, thanks in no small part to Ben
Frech's helpful pair programming.

The output of the session itself was some small additions and fixes to the mail
delivery pipeline, but the bulk of the time I spent was improving the HTML
mediation parser, which now deals with more garbage HTML than I really believed
existed.  Still not quite perfect, but now I know how the mozilla engineers

I just checked my email, and there are over 100 posts on twisted-python that I
haven't responded to!!!  I don't know how other open-source project leads
manage it.  GvR is rightly regarded as superhuman if he can keep on top of
ten times this amount of traffic in development discussion :).

I'm really looking forward to getting at least the message viewer component I'm
working on online: it should be able to do a MUCH nicer job than the normal
pipermail archive display for mailman... if I can figure out how to integrate
it as-is (and generate pipermail-esque URLs), then twistedmatrix.com's
archiving infrastructure can be replaced piecemeal.

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