A comment node.

Method writexml Undocumented
Method cloneNode Undocumented

Inherited from CharacterData:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method isEqualToCharacterData Undocumented

Inherited from Node (via CharacterData):

Class Variable nodeName Undocumented
Instance Variable parentNode Undocumented
Instance Variable childNodes Undocumented
Method isEqualToNode Compare this node to other. If the nodes have the same number of children and corresponding children are equal to each other, return True, otherwise return False.
Method toxml Undocumented
Method writeprettyxml Undocumented
Method toprettyxml Undocumented
Method hasChildNodes Undocumented
Method appendChild Make the given Node the last child of this node.
Method insertBefore Make the given Node new a child of this node which comes before the Node ref.
Method removeChild Remove the given Node from this node's children.
Method replaceChild Replace a Node which is already a child of this node with a different node.
Method lastChild Undocumented
Method firstChild Undocumented
def writexml(self, stream, indent="""""", addindent="""""", newl="""""", strip=0, nsprefixes={}, namespace=""""""): (source)
def cloneNode(self, deep=0, parent=None): (source)
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