Reporter for trial's distributed workers. We send things not through a
stream, but through an C{AMP} protocol's C{callRemote} method.

:ivar str _DEFAULT_TODO: Default message for expected failures and
    unexpected successes, used only if a C{Todo} is not provided.
Method __init__
Method addSuccess Send a success over.
Method addError Send an error over.
Method addFailure Send a Failure over.
Method addSkip Send a skip over.
Method addExpectedFailure Send an expected failure over.
Method addUnexpectedSuccess Send an unexpected success over.
Method printSummary Don't print a summary
Method _getFailure Convert a sys.exc_info()-style tuple to a Failure, if necessary.
Method _getFrames Extract frames from a Failure instance.
Method _getTodoReason Get the reason for a Todo.

Inherited from TestResult:

Instance Variable successes count the number of successes achieved by the test run. (type: int)
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method startTest This must be called before the given test is commenced.
Method stopTest This must be called after the given test is completed.
Method wasSuccessful Report whether or not this test suite was successful or not.
Method done The test suite has finished running.
Method _getTime Undocumented
def __init__(self, ampProtocol): (source)
ParametersampProtocolThe communication channel with the trial distributed manager which collects all test results. (type: AMP)
def _getFailure(self, error): (source)

Convert a sys.exc_info()-style tuple to a Failure, if necessary.

def _getFrames(self, failure): (source)

Extract frames from a Failure instance.

def addSuccess(self, test): (source)
def addError(self, test, error): (source)
def addFailure(self, test, fail): (source)
def addSkip(self, test, reason): (source)
def _getTodoReason(self, todo): (source)
Get the reason for a C{Todo}.

If C[todo} is C{None}, return a sensible default.
def addExpectedFailure(self, test, error, todo=None): (source)
def addUnexpectedSuccess(self, test, todo=None): (source)
def printSummary(self): (source)

Don't print a summary

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