Inherited from WrappingFactory:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method logPrefix Generate a log prefix mentioning both the wrapped factory and this one.
Method doStart Make sure startFactory is called.
Method doStop Make sure stopFactory is called.
Method startedConnecting Called when a connection has been started.
Method clientConnectionFailed Called when a connection has failed to connect.
Method clientConnectionLost Called when an established connection is lost.
Method buildProtocol Create an instance of a subclass of Protocol.
Method registerProtocol Called by protocol to register itself.
Method unregisterProtocol Called by protocols when they go away.

Inherited from Factory (via WrappingFactory, ClientFactory):

Class Method forProtocol Create a factory for the given protocol.
Method startFactory This will be called before I begin listening on a Port or Connector.
Method stopFactory This will be called before I stop listening on all Ports/Connectors.
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