A select()able serial device, acting as a transport.

Class Variable connected Undocumented
Method __init__
Instance Variable reactor Undocumented
Instance Variable protocol Undocumented
Method fileno File Descriptor number for select().
Method writeSomeData Write some data to the serial device.
Method doRead Some data's readable from serial device.
Method connectionLost Called when the serial port disconnects.
Instance Variable _serial Undocumented

Inherited from BaseSerialPort:

Method setBaudRate Undocumented
Method inWaiting Undocumented
Method flushInput Undocumented
Method flushOutput Undocumented
Method sendBreak Undocumented
Method getDSR Undocumented
Method getCD Undocumented
Method getRI Undocumented
Method getCTS Undocumented
Method setDTR Undocumented
Method setRTS Undocumented
Instance Variable _serialFactory a pyserial serial.Serial factory, used to create the instance stored in self._serial. Overrideable to enable easier testing.

Inherited from FileDescriptor:

Instance Variable disconnected Undocumented
Instance Variable disconnecting Undocumented
Instance Variable dataBuffer Undocumented
Instance Variable offset Undocumented
Class Variable SEND_LIMIT Undocumented
Instance Variable producer Undocumented
Method doWrite Called when data can be written.
Instance Variable producerPaused Undocumented
Method writeConnectionLost Indicates write connection was lost.
Method readConnectionLost Indicates read connection was lost.
Method write Reliably write some data.
Method writeSequence Reliably write a sequence of data.
Method loseConnection Close the connection at the next available opportunity.
Method loseWriteConnection Undocumented
Method stopReading Stop waiting for read availability.
Method stopWriting Stop waiting for write availability.
Method startReading Start waiting for read availability.
Method startWriting Start waiting for write availability.
Class Variable bufferSize Undocumented
Method stopConsuming Stop consuming data.
Method resumeProducing Resume producing data.
Method pauseProducing Pause producing data.
Method stopProducing Stop producing data.
Instance Variable _writeDisconnecting Undocumented
Instance Variable _writeDisconnected Undocumented
Instance Variable _tempDataBuffer Undocumented
Instance Variable _tempDataLen Undocumented
Method _postLoseConnection Called after a loseConnection(), when all data has been written.
Method _closeWriteConnection Undocumented
Method _isSendBufferFull Determine whether the user-space send buffer for this transport is full or not.
Method _maybePauseProducer Possibly pause a producer, if there is one and the send buffer is full.

Inherited from _ConsumerMixin (via FileDescriptor):

Instance Variable streamingProducer bool or int
Method registerProducer Register to receive data from a producer.
Method unregisterProducer Stop consuming data from a producer, without disconnecting.

Inherited from _LogOwner (via FileDescriptor):

Method logPrefix Override this method to insert custom logging behavior. Its return value will be inserted in front of every line. It may be called more times than the number of output lines.
Method _getLogPrefix Determine the log prefix to use for messages related to applicationObject, which may or may not be an interfaces.ILoggingContext provider.
connected =
(type: int)
def __init__(self, protocol, deviceNameOrPortNumber, reactor, baudrate=9600, bytesize=EIGHTBITS, parity=PARITY_NONE, stopbits=STOPBITS_ONE, timeout=0, xonxoff=0, rtscts=0): (source)
ParametersreactorAn IReactorFDSet provider which this descriptor will use to get readable and writeable event notifications. If no value is given, the global reactor will be used.
_serial =
reactor =
protocol =
def fileno(self): (source)

File Descriptor number for select().

This method must be overridden or assigned in subclasses to indicate a valid file descriptor for the operating system.

def writeSomeData(self, data): (source)

Write some data to the serial device.

def doRead(self): (source)
def connectionLost(self, reason): (source)

Called when the serial port disconnects.

Will call connectionLost on the protocol that is handling the serial data.

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