Class Variable synopsis Undocumented
Class Variable longdesc Undocumented
Class Variable optParameters Undocumented
Class Variable optFlags Undocumented
Class Variable compData Undocumented

Inherited from Options:

Instance Variable subCommand Undocumented
Class Variable defaultSubCommand Undocumented
Class Variable parent Undocumented
Class Variable completionData Undocumented
Method __init__ Undocumented
Instance Variable opts Undocumented
Instance Variable defaults Undocumented
Instance Variable longOpt Undocumented
Instance Variable shortOpt Undocumented
Instance Variable docs Undocumented
Instance Variable synonyms Undocumented
Method opt_help Display this help and exit.
Method opt_version Display Twisted version and exit.
Method parseOptions The guts of the command-line parser.
Instance Variable subOptions Undocumented
Method postOptions I am called after the options are parsed.
Method parseArgs I am called with any leftover arguments which were not options.
Method __str__ Undocumented
Method getSynopsis Returns a string containing a description of these options and how to pass them to the executed file.
Method getUsage Undocumented
Instance Variable _dispatch Undocumented
Method _generic_flag Undocumented
Method _gather_flags Gather up boolean (flag) options.
Method _gather_parameters Gather options which take a value.
Method _gather_handlers Gather up options with their own handler methods.
synopsis =
(type: str)
longdesc =
(type: str)
optParameters =
(type: List)
optFlags =
(type: List)
compData =
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