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Inherited from Explorer:

Method newVisage Make a new visage for the object I explore.
Method newAttributeWidget Make a new attribute item for my object.
Method give_properties Give a spelunker my properties in an ordered list.
Method give_attributes Undocumented

Inherited from RemoteCache (via Explorer):

Method remoteMessageReceived A remote message has been received. Dispatch it appropriately.
Method jellyFor serialize me (only for the broker I'm for) as the original cached reference
Method unjellyFor Perform the inverse operation of Jellyable.jellyFor.
Method __cmp__ Compare me [to another RemoteCache.
Method __hash__ Hash me.
Method __del__ Do distributed reference counting on finalize.

Inherited from RemoteCopy (via Explorer, RemoteCache):

Method setCopyableState I will be invoked with the state to copy locally.

Inherited from Unjellyable (via Explorer, RemoteCache, RemoteCopy):

Method setStateFor Undocumented

Inherited from Serializable (via Explorer, RemoteCache):

Method processUniqueID Return an ID which uniquely represents this object for this process.

Inherited from Jellyable (via Explorer, RemoteCache, Serializable):

Method getStateFor Undocumented
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