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No class docstring
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method resolveAddress Undocumented
Method failIfNotConnected Undocumented
Method stopConnecting Stop attempt to connect.
Method cbConnect Undocumented
Method doConnect Undocumented
Method getHost Returns an IPv4Address.
Method getPeer Returns an IPv4Address.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method connectionLost Undocumented
Method _setRealAddress Undocumented

Inherited from Connection:

Method getHandle Return a system- and reactor-specific handle.
Method dataReceived Undocumented
Method readFromHandle Undocumented
Method writeToHandle Undocumented
Method readConnectionLost Undocumented
Method logPrefix Return the prefix to log with when I own the logging thread.
Method getTcpNoDelay Return if TCP_NODELAY is enabled.
Method setTcpNoDelay Enable/disable TCP_NODELAY.
Method getTcpKeepAlive Return if SO_KEEPALIVE is enabled.
Method setTcpKeepAlive Enable/disable SO_KEEPALIVE.
Method _closeWriteConnection Undocumented

Inherited from _SocketCloser (via Connection):

Method _closeSocket Undocumented
def __init__(self, host, port, bindAddress, connector, reactor): (source)
def resolveAddress(self): (source)
def _setRealAddress(self, address): (source)
def failIfNotConnected(self, err): (source)
def stopConnecting(self): (source)
Stop attempt to connect.
def cbConnect(self, rc, bytes, evt): (source)
def doConnect(self): (source)
def getHost(self): (source)

Returns an IPv4Address.

This indicates the address from which I am connecting.
def getPeer(self): (source)

Returns an IPv4Address.

This indicates the address that I am connected to.
def __repr__(self): (source)
def connectionLost(self, reason): (source)
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