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Executes stages concurrently

This stage allows two or more stages (branches) to be executed at the same time. It returns each stage as it becomes available. This can be used if you have N callbacks, and you want to yield and wait for the first available one that produces results. Once a stage is retuned, its next() method should be used to extract the value for the stage.
Class Instruction Undocumented
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method _yield executed during a yield statement by previous stage

Inherited from Stage:

Method __iter__ Undocumented
Method next return current result
def __init__(self, *stages): (source)
def _yield(self): (source)

executed during a yield statement by previous stage

This method is private within the scope of the flow module, it is used by one stage in the flow to ask a subsequent stage to produce its value. The result of the yield is then stored in self.result and is an instance of Failure if a problem occurred.
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