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Instance VariablesaccountThe Account I am a Client for. (type: IAccount )
Method __init__ No summary
Method joinGroup
Method leaveGroup
Method getGroupConversation Undocumented
Method getPerson Undocumented
def __init__(account, chatui, logonDeferred): (source)
Parametersaccount (type: IAccount )
chatui (type: IChatUI )
logonDeferredWill be called back once I am logged on. (type: Deferred )
def joinGroup(groupName): (source)
ParametersgroupNameThe name of the group to join. (type: string )
def leaveGroup(groupName): (source)
ParametersgroupNameThe name of the group to leave. (type: string )
def getGroupConversation(name, hide=0): (source)
def getPerson(name): (source)
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