t.w.t.Web2Service(service.MultiService) : class documentation

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Method __init__ Undocumented
Method startService Start the service.
Method stopService Stop the service.

Inherited from MultiService:

Method privilegedStartService Do preparation work for starting the service.
Method getServiceNamed Get the child service with a given name.
Method __iter__ Get an iterator over all child services
Method addService Add a child service.
Method removeService Remove a child service.

Inherited from Service (via MultiService):

Method __getstate__ Undocumented
Method setName Set the name of the service.
Method setServiceParent Set the parent of the service.
Method disownServiceParent Remove the parent of the service.
def __init__(self, logObserver): (source)
def startService(self): (source)
Start the service.
def stopService(self): (source)
Stop the service.
Returnsa deferred which is triggered when the service has finished shutting down. If shutting down is immediate, a value can be returned (usually, None). (type: Deferred )
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