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A twisted web component framework.

This module is DEPRECATED.
Function listify Undocumented
Class Widget A component of a web page.
Class StreamWidget A 'streamable' component of a webpage.
Class WidgetMixin A mix-in wrapper for a Widget.
Class Presentation I am a widget which formats a template with interspersed python expressions.
Function htmlFor_hidden Undocumented
Function htmlFor_file Undocumented
Function htmlFor_string Undocumented
Function htmlFor_password Undocumented
Function htmlFor_text Undocumented
Function htmlFor_menu Value of the format [(optionName, displayName[, selected]), ...]
Function htmlFor_multimenu Value of the format [(optionName, displayName[, selected]), ...]
Function htmlFor_checkbox A checkbox.
Function htmlFor_checkgroup A check-group.
Function htmlFor_radio A radio button group.
Class FormInputError Undocumented
Class Form I am a web form.
Class DataWidget Undocumented
Class Time Undocumented
Class Container Undocumented
Function possiblyDeferWidget Undocumented
Class RenderSession I handle rendering of a list of deferreds, outputting their results in correct order.
Class WidgetResource Undocumented
Class Page Undocumented
Class WidgetPage I am a Page that takes a Widget in its constructor, and displays that Widget wrapped up in a simple HTML template.
Class Gadget I am a collection of Widgets, to be rendered through a Page Factory. self.pageFactory should be a Resource that takes a Widget in its constructor. The default is twisted.web.widgets.WidgetPage.
Class TitleBox No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class Reloader Undocumented
Class Sidebar Undocumented
Class WebWidgetNodeMutator A WebWidgetNodeMutator replaces the node that is passed in to generate with the result of generating the twisted.web.widget instance it adapts.
Function _ellipsize Undocumented
Class _RequestDeferral Undocumented
def listify(x): (source)
def _ellipsize(x): (source)
def htmlFor_hidden(write, name, value): (source)
def htmlFor_file(write, name, value): (source)
def htmlFor_string(write, name, value): (source)
def htmlFor_password(write, name, value): (source)
def htmlFor_text(write, name, value): (source)
def htmlFor_menu(write, name, value, allowMultiple=False): (source)
Value of the format [(optionName, displayName[, selected]), ...]
def htmlFor_multimenu(write, name, value): (source)
Value of the format [(optionName, displayName[, selected]), ...]
def htmlFor_checkbox(write, name, value): (source)
A checkbox.
def htmlFor_checkgroup(write, name, value): (source)
A check-group.
def htmlFor_radio(write, name, value): (source)
A radio button group.
def possiblyDeferWidget(widget, request): (source)
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